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It’s sunny? In Yilan?

So, when was the last time I updated this thing? September 12, that’s when. Since then we’ve done Halloween and Christmas at school; I’ve ventured to the south of the island on high-speed rail and the north of the island … Continue reading

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It’s in the Bag

Today’s fifth-grade class brought me face-to-face with a struggle I hoped I’d left behind when I fled the U.S. this summer. But there it was again, headlining the phonics section of Lesson One, taunting me as it always has: How … Continue reading

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Who is Teacher Emily?

“Who is Teacher Emily?” So read the first slide of the powerpoint I used to introduce myself to the third graders at Sin Sheng Elementary today. I’ve always thought of the first day of school as a chance to be … Continue reading

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The Eighth Floor

Nothing like another typhoon day to catch up on blog posts. And the haunting sound of the wind currently blowing through my un-closeable bathroom window reminds me of a story. Last Friday at midnight marked the beginning of Ghost Month, … Continue reading

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UPDATE: I’m in Taiwan.

Hey there! It’s nice to talk with you again. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since our last one-sided conversation. I want to apologize for how abruptly I cut off our contact in Paris, but life got busy, and … Continue reading

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