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It’s sunny? In Yilan?

So, when was the last time I updated this thing? September 12, that’s when. Since then we’ve done Halloween and Christmas at school; I’ve ventured to the south of the island on high-speed rail and the north of the island … Continue reading

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It’s in the Bag

Today’s fifth-grade class brought me face-to-face with a struggle I hoped I’d left behind when I fled the U.S. this summer. But there it was again, headlining the phonics section of Lesson One, taunting me as it always has: How … Continue reading

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Who is Teacher Emily?

“Who is Teacher Emily?” So read the first slide of the powerpoint I used to introduce myself to the third graders at Sin Sheng Elementary today. I’ve always thought of the first day of school as a chance to be … Continue reading

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The Eighth Floor

Nothing like another typhoon day to catch up on blog posts. And the haunting sound of the wind currently blowing through my un-closeable bathroom window reminds me of a story. Last Friday at midnight marked the beginning of Ghost Month, … Continue reading

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UPDATE: I’m in Taiwan.

Hey there! It’s nice to talk with you again. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since our last one-sided conversation. I want to apologize for how abruptly I cut off our contact in Paris, but life got busy, and … Continue reading

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Getting out of the City

So much to say, so little time to get around to saying it. I’ve been keeping busy for the past two weeks, doing homework and running off to places outside of my normal routine in the 13th and 7th arrondissements … Continue reading

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Just Moving Along

It’s always surprising how easy it is to adapt to new environments.  And when the environment really isn’t all that new, it’s even easier.  I haven’t written since my first day in Paris because, to tell the truth, I don’t … Continue reading

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