Hello. Ni hao. Bonjour.

During my junior year at Carleton College, I was lucky enough to get to study in two – no three – amazing places. Northfield didn’t quite make the blog, but I loved sharing my experiences in China and Paris with anyone willing to read about them, and I hope I did them a little justice.

Now I’m fortunate once again to be teaching English in Taiwan through the Fulbright program, and though I’ve decided not to feel bad about neglecting my blog-bligations, I’m hoping to keep you at least sort of informed about my goings-on. I’ll be here for eleven months, and I’m excited to see how my life as a waiguoren differs this time around.

Thanks. Xiexie. Merci.



One Response to About

  1. Becky Adams says:

    HI Emily!!!

    Happy belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Mom and Dad, Rita and Rod Utter joined us for a beer before Whit went out for supper with THE FRIENDS!! It was fun to be out with them. I have your blog in my favorites and will check daily.

    We MOTHERS decided when you get back and Jill is 21 we are all going out.

    Take care, enjoy and see you when you get back.


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